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Links to audio sources for Radiogram, 1/3/18

Jan 5, 2018

Here are links to my sources for stuff that I aired or talked about on my first 2018 show.

That piece about Dylan's All Along the Watchtower was from the Nerdwriter video blog.

I played a quote from Shonda Rhimes'  2014 Dartmouth College commencement address.

Stress and the cannabis permitting process

Dec 20, 2017

HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH STRESS AND THE CANNABIS PERMITTING PROCESS? That's the topic of the next Cannabis Hour, Thursday, Dec. 28, at 9 a.m. on KZYX. Nursery owner Ron Edwards and cultivator Corinne Powell will join host Jane Futcher and social worker and Flow Kana VP Amanda Reiman to share strategies for dealing with the feelings and forces creating stress in the cannabis community and beyond. Are the regulations providing the viable pathway to legalization promised by the county and state? Please join us and call in with your stresses and/or strategies at 707 895-2448 at 9:40 a.m.

audio links for Radiogram, last week's show, 12/13

Dec 15, 2017

Here are links to my sources for some of the audio heard on last week's program, 12/13/17:

La Nona Kanta

What Realistic Film Dialogue Sounds Like

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

&, of course, there is our Jukebox...

Radiogram is archived for streaming online:


Following the North Bay wildfires, survivors in Mendocino and Lake counties have begun receiving substantial fire insurance payouts -- and some are stressing over how to protect and manage the funds in the months or even years before they can begin rebuilding.