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Carleton E. Watkins, River View, Cathedral Rock, Yosemite, 1861. [J. Paul Getty Museum]

Visiting America's National Parks could get tougher in 2018 if the Trump administration's policy to increase park fees is approved.  The policy cuts into the foundation of American Conservation. Writer and historian Tyler Green explores the history of national parks and the implications of such a policy. 

Interview With Amanda Reiman

Dec 20, 2017

Dec 20, 2017 -- The emergency state regulations for cannabis are set to go into effect in January, 2018. As part of our exploration of various analyses of this subject, we're sharing two versions of an interview with Amanda Reiman, who helped draft Prop 64. The excerpted version aired on December 20, but because Reiman went into so much detail, we're including a lightly edited, longer version here on the web.  

Planting Acorns At The Frey Ranch

Dec 19, 2017

Dec. 19, 2017 -- On Sunday, about 40 volunteers gathered at the Frey Vineyard to help plant acorns in the burned area. Under the auspices of the Oak Granary in Potter Valley and the Hopland Research and Extension Center, they cleared brush and built cages for the future saplings. The acorns they  used were gathered by volunteers, deposited into an acorn bank, and kept in cold storage until planting day.

The Fort Bragg City Council is poised to reduce setback and parking requirements to incentivize a mixed income housing development that would include 30 senior housing units and 14 market rate units. Meanwhile, Fort Bragg’s extreme weather homeless shelter, which was almost canceled this winter, is moving forward. Dan Young reports.

After Legalization

Dec 17, 2017

Dec 17, 2017 -- We're closing out our Emerald Cup coverage with a quick glimpse at the ongoing drug war at the federal level.  Diane Goldstein of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership reminds us that local law enforcement agencies are affected by federal monies.

After we hear from Goldstein, Lauren Mendelsohn, an associate at the law firm of Omar Figueroa, shares some tips on how to get cannabis-related charges off your record, and why that's a good idea.