Ecology Hour

Tuersday, 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Hosted by Doug Mosel, Charlie Acker, Bob Spies & Tim Bray, and Hannah Bird

The Ecology Hour has been a long running program on KZYX, produced locally by a rotating group of hosts including Doug Mosel, Charlie Acker, Bob Spies & Tim Bray, and Hannah Bird. Virtually every topic related to our environment, ecology, and sustainable living is covered weekly by the hosts.   

What's happening in the North Pacific Ocean?

Aug 10, 2017

In the last three years, we've had El Niño, "The Blob," and when they merged, “El Blobiño!”  Those conditions led to the Wreck of the Cassin's Auklet, the Domoic Acid outbreak that wiped out the Dungeness Crab season, the collapse of the Kelp forests, and more.  On The Ecology Hour, we talk with Dr. William Sydeman of The Farallon Institute and get an update on what has happened and what we can expect going forward. 

This show aired on Tuesday August 8, and is available for streaming or download from the KZYX Jukebox.