MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017

6 PM


8501 CA-128, PHILO



ROLL CALL: Stuart Campbell, Jonathan Middlebrook, Meg Courtney, Jenness Hartley, Ed Keller, Jane Futcher.  Jeffery Parker.

Absent: John Azzaro, Clay Eubank

APPROVE MINUTES of 3/6/17: All approved.

GENERAL MANAGERS REPORT – Jeff Parker: Jeff presented his report.  109 new members since the last pledge drive, 200 mail renewals, 125 lapsed members have rejoined. The new membership program, Allegiance, will help the station better analyze membership patterns.  The next pledge drive will be in early June.  If CPB funding is taken away by congress the station would loose 20% of its budget (about 120,000).  Jeff thanked Dan McDonald for his three excellent years as bookkeeper.  Steve Winkle will take over the position and is a very experienced bookkeeper.  Reporter Sheri Quinn is looking for a new home and has continued her excellent reporting.  The 91.5 transmitter went down for 27 hours.  The exciter and the backup failed, a spare system was improvised and the signal went back up.      

FINANCIAL REPORT – Stuart Campbell:  The line of credit has been paid off in April.  The finance committee has been drafting the FY18 budget.  Stuart plans to have a draft budget for the board, and will have a public committee meeting in June.  Stuart thanked Dan for all of his work and dedication to the station. 

Community Advisory Board – Ellen Saxe: Jonathan Middlebrook is the board liaison.  The CAB can be contacted by email at: The membership surveys have been reviews and the majority of the surveys had positive things to say about the station.  The CAB urges the station to consider what the community has to say; one common comment was the desire for better communication about programming times.  The CAB needs new members and urges the community to join.  


Stuart Campbell:  the by-laws committee will start revising the by-laws and will have public meetings in the future.  The committee will start with the mission statement. 

Jane Futcher: Bids her farewell to the board.  Jane thanked Meg for all of her help with the 25th anniversary party.  Jane thanked Rich for coming back to the station and for Jeff becoming GM.  She also thanked the board for the successful house parties they threw last summer.  Jane also thanked the finance committee for all of their hard work, especially Stuart.  Jane hopes that the board will work on: signing a contract with the new GM, that the staff have annual evaluations, revise and clarify the mission statement, long range planning, wants the board hole regular and public meetings for fundraising, and an electronic newsletter for membership.  Thanked Ellen Saxe for all of her work with the CAB. 

PRESIDENT'S REPORT – Meg Courtney: Meg thanked the programmers for all of their hard work.  Meg read her report (attached).  Meg thanked Diane, Rich, David, Alice, Sheri, Valerie, Dan, and Angela.  Meg thanked Jane, Stuart, Jonathan, Ed, John, Benj, and Jenness. 


      Larry Minson & Incumbent Jenness Hartley


Seating of New Executive Board

Jenness Hartley nominated Jonathan Middlebook as secretary: 

Stuart Campbell nominated


            Heidi Dickerson and Aspen Logan

            Designation of new Executive Committee Members

PUBLIC COMMENT (3 minutes each)


            Meetings are scheduled on the First Monday of every other month unless otherwise specified.

            This meeting followed by Point Arena, Ukiah, Willits, Fort Bragg, Anderson Valley


            (to be announced but most l likely at Point Arena Lbrary)



KZYX-Minutes, 1 May 2017(part two)

--Soon-to-be-former Board President Meg Courtney (0:56::38): “Now we do musical chairs . . .”.

Seating newly-elected Board members: Larry Minson (District 3); Jenness Hartley (At-large)

Board Officers, (in order of nomination & election): Secretary, Jonathan Middlebrook

                                                                                          President, Jenness Hartley

                                                                                          Treasurer, Stuart Campbell

                                                                                          Vice-President, John Azzaro

                                                   Appointed members: Heidi Dickerson (District 2)--fills out Benj Thomas's Term. He had to resign for medical reasons, to everyone's regret. District 2 election, 2018.

                                                                                          Aspen Logan  (District 4)

Public comment (summarized): Sheila—date each printed updated program sheet (e.g. June, 2017) to facilitate historical research; is formal request for community committee membership still operative? What is process for committee selection? Please address at future meeting.

George—would it be out of bounds for station website to post information about controversial station business and personalities? (Unidentified Board response: probably up to an attorney.)

Unidentified—problems loading new web page, “and I'm not alone.” (“We're working on it, on ongoing basis.”)

       “        --broadcast or podcast regular reports of matters which directly impact the public; e.g., outages,       

                    highway blockages . . . (difficult to hear complete comment) . . . also report on direct attempts of

                    some people to disrupt the station . . .

Bob—Would like to thank Board members & volunteers for showing up to help with fundraising and clean-up  

        matters around the station . . . (Secretary was slow to pick up on ironic delivery). Bob's major points, de-

        ironized: Board needs to go outside the box in committee appointments, to bring relevance to such

        matters as programming & fund-raising & local news & tabling at concert venues & elsewhere, especially 

        paying attention to under-45 & working class iformation needs; Board should help more in prepping the

        studio for pledge drive activity; Board should be more open & communicative; Board should put in

        energy to bring the community together; Board meetings should start later than 6 o'clock so that working            people can make it to meetings; program and/or membership committee be more active; more local                      news needed, as is work on weather reporting; work on stringer system.--All the preceding (which had

        been delivered as Thanks for actions taken): “Kidding, just kidding.”

Shane (?)--Lorraine [as news director] instituted frequent  'news of the station' reports. Great, interesting.

Unidentified—Would like station to reach out, not just to new members, but to new listeners . . .

   “ --Question & comment: new on-air people need specific training in how station actual broadcasts, and 

         teaching about station goals. New people need good, all-around view of station so that when on air they

         [new people] “do not feel that they're lost at sea.” Do you have anyone whose doing that?

  “    --Reach out to potential volunteers. Such a small professional staff . . . we really need volunteers.

        (Response: “We need a volunteer coordinator”)

Unidentified—(in re) on-air news of station: It honors your listeners to be able to say, Here's a regular time when you can find out about station matters.' It doesn't just have to be the time, date of Board mtgs. . . . . It could be somethings as hokey as Valerie just had a baby girl. It would help people feel they're a part

. . . .

Unidentified--modernizing our library, making a data base so that it's available to everybody . . .” [sympathetic, rueful chuckling obscures commenter's other points] (Speaker idetifies self as Ron . . . & last name obscred by cheers & applause. (Response: “We need a volunteer to do that.”)

Unidentified--Is there a way to get new carpet in the station? [Laughter, applause.] Would make things lighter in there  . . . . [Various reinforcing comments: dander, dust, gross . . . .]

Unidentified--Just one more quick thought, going back to training. Another idea, to approach the volunteer situation is to run an internship program . . . schools give credit for such . . . .

Sheila--I would like to see someone take on the project of creating a history of the station. New Boards do not know what happened previously. You don't know that we had a volunteer coordinator, you don't know that {garbled] . . . so it's like going back to the beginning, not knowing what we had, what worked, so we could keep it happening . . . lack of consistency from one Board to another . . . .

President Hartley--Anyone else? Are we commented? . . . We'll just do a quick response, then you can come by after . . . .

GM Parker--There are a bunch of these things on our radar & I'll just zip through them. The Library digitizing: There are systems which can digitize entire libraries . . . it's a complicated process which would require equipment purchases and a pretty intense volunteer effort or you could do it passively. Every time you pull a cd off the shelf you jam it through the digitizer before you put it back . . . pluses & minuses: you can't browse a database the way you can a library . . . [over& undertalking] . . . On the website, we have installed a new website as of the end of January. It's a really big improvement over the old one. I'm really sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing it. I use it every day all day & it works great. Tomorrow give me a call & we'll investigate this & try to find out what the problem is . . . we're regulated by the cpb & the irs. We're a 501(c)3 and so we can't say anything political, like 'This person's good, this person's bad . . .”. Really unwise.  Our Board, however, volunteer members of the community have a little more latitude, and I'm interested in the website being a respository of things the public chooses to say . . . On station news: I have been [researching] how other stations report their station news . . . and to honest with you, it's a place to crow about things 'We had a great story about this, we had a really great report . . . It's a way of communicating to the public the dynamism of the station and I think we could do a lot better job at that . . . .

Pres. Hartley--and we've been doing that on Facebook . . . we've started doing that on Facebook.

GM—Yeah . . . this is actually an interesting development. Anything we put on the website, it's actually one click to get it on Facebook . . . . Further comments about what to include (dating, time-stamping, forwarding to Twitter, etc. Regarding broadcaster and programmer training, this is something we're really putting a high priority on . . . . --KPMR's 26-wk training program . . .have to complete t before you can even think of having a program on the air . . .

Unidentified--I've been through that . . . . The training is part of evaluating & perhaps easy out long-time prpgrammers, to make air time for new ones . . .

GM--So that's something we're looking at, Alice, Richard & I and will definitely implement [1:35::08]

Unidentified—Process of adding and dropping programs: not 100%,” but pretty good . . .

GM--Something that's fair & transparent . . . . What can we put in place at our station so that anyone who walks in the door and wants to put on a program will have the training and support that they need  . . . ? Great programming that our community needs, and this is something that's a work in progress, so watch this space . . . . Volunteerism: really, really great, but it's really hard. Internships are really really great, but they're also really hard unless you have a structured place to do that . . . 10 yeaars or so ago, station had grant & a paid volunteer coordinator whose job was to work with this amazing resource in our community . . . College collaboration hopeful . . . we have to do more, not just to serve the existing listenership but to grow it, expand it . . . we have to find out what programs would resonate with a [younger] listenership . . .

President Hartley—Any further comments?

Unidentified—proposes ease of unfiltered posting of community comments on website . . .

Unidentified—every such open forum becomes mean . . .

Unidentified—I've [?plowed through?] a couple of people over the last several months who didn't even know KZYX existed . . . first thing we have to do is to let those folks know we're here.  What the best way is, I'm not sure . . . I don't know how you do it, but . . .

Unidentified—I think community events, in every community . . . tabling, especially I the summer . . . 1000s of people attend events . . .

President Hartley—At the Board orientation we did discuss that, what events we'd cover, how to publicize ourselves . . . --So, I think we're going to wrap up the meeting . . . I know there's a lovely display of food that Meg has been arranging . . .

GM—including liquid nourishment . . .

President Hartley—yes, including liquid . . . So we do have a schedule of meetings, the first Monday of every other month unless otherwise specified. This meeting will be followed by one in Pt. Arena [3 July], followed by one in Willits, then Ft, Bragg, and then back to Anderson Valley. The meeting is adjourned [approximately 8:45 p.m.] and thank you for coming.

--Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Middlebrook

Secretary, KZYX Board of Directors