Program Showcase

Inventing Tomorrow

May 17, 2018
Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by IQ 190 Productions /

To hear this interview with the director & producers of Inventing Tomorrow, click on this link:

DARK MONEY w Kimberly Reed

May 16, 2018

To hear this segment of Forthright Radio with writer/director/producer of DARK MONEY, Kimberly Reed click on this link:

Heather Gurewitz

Undercapitalization is one of the warning signs of small business failure. Where can small businesses go to access the capital they need to thrive in today’s economy?

On Wednesday 16 May at 7 pm, Mendocino Works will discuss small business capital needs and opportunities with Heather Gurewitz, the recently appointed executive director of the Economic Development and Financial Corporation, or EDFC. Heather will discuss a variety of opportunities available to small business in Mendocino County and what they need to do to get the dollars they need to grow their business.

Rural Resilience - Flockworks: Thursday, May 10th @ 9AM

May 9, 2018

   JANET SELF: Community ArtistArt became my focus in 2004. My work is an abstract exploration... connectivity, flow, energy, rhythm, resonance, space, patterns, chance & intention, universal to singular. I found the act of creating gives courage, insight, freedom, patience and hope. It opens new understanding of the world and I investigate how art making shapes people and the nature of place and community.  I founded Flockworks in 2007 as a nonprofit that builds community through creativity.

Rodents of Unusual Size

May 5, 2018

To hear this interview with Quinn Costello, editor & a co-producer of RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE, click on this link: