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We in pastoral Mendocino county cherish our region’s reputation for growing some of the world’s finest wines, and the county is no slouch when it comes to pioneering craft breweries known across the country and beyond. But did you know Mendocino has been distilling some of the best hand-made brandies, whiskies, gins and other spirits?

Holistic Health Perspectives, July 3, 2018

Jun 28, 2018

Join Mary Pat Palmer and Karin Uphoff on Holistic Health Perspectives this Tuesday 1p on KZYX when they discuss breast health using Ayurvedic principles, with DeAnna Batdorff.  DeAnna Batdorff is an Ayurvedic practitioner, educator and founder of The Dhyanna Center of Therapeutics in Sebastopol California.

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It's been 32 years since the world's worst nuclear disaster -- the explosion, fire and partial meltdown of the Soviet-era Chernobyl nuclear power station at Pripyat, 100 km north of Kiev -- and disastrous public safety response by the secretive Communist government that followed.

Travis Scott, Alison de Grassi

For those wishing to visit Mendocino — and for those who live here — a great deal of new activity is coming out of The Mendocino County Tourism Commission, starting with a new "Visit Mendocino" website, a splashy new media campaign and a new executive director, Travis Scott, known to many for his work with the Mendocino College Foundation and the local wine industry.

Tune into KZYX&Z’s XXWhy program at 7pm on Thursday, June 21 when host Blake More will be talking with Berkeley artist Carol Denney about her fascinating life of performance art, music, writing, activism, and cartooning. They will be discussing art and activism as a means for life.

Here's Carol Denney's most recent "Perspectives" piece called "A Song and a Me Too Moment", which aired on KQED this spring.

Extended Carol Denney Bio: