New Music

Brooklyn Rider sits at the cutting edge of contemporary classical music. The New York City string quartet formed ten years ago with the purpose of making contemporary classical music accessible while also celebrating the rich traditions of the genre. In 2008 the quartet launched their own record label, In A Circle records in order to further champion innovative ideas and sounds. Brooklyn Riders new album is called spontaneous symbols, and contains five world premier recordings. The track we’re hearing is Chi by Evan Ziporyn

Multi-national New York based gypsy punks Gogol Bordello have just released their first album in four years called Seekers and Finders. Frontman Eugene Hutz, a self proclaimed immigrant punk who has been leading the group for nearly two decades says the album is personal, “It's high-energy, it's storytelling, it's expressive on all topics. I think the value of experience driven art is increasing because, due to technology, we are having fewer real life experiences”.

George Friedrich Handel was a prolific baroque composer who died in 1759. He belonged to a deep tradition of improvisation which was a valued skill of musicians through the 19th century. Christina Pluhar has breathed new life into baroque improvisation with her new album Handel Goes Wild. Her ensemble L'Arpeggiata highlights Handel's dynamism with jazz inspired performance styles. The effect is beautiful and intriguing. The album is Handel Goes Wild.