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Jeffrey Parker

National Weather Service says "turn around if you encounter flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles."

They also urge travelers to use extra caution at night, when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding.

Here is the weather forecast from National Weather Service during the Flood Watch:
Heavy rain through early Saturday morning
across much of the north coast region and small stream
and urban flooding in many areas in Mendocino County.

Cannabis-Inclusive Candidate Forum In Comptche

Apr 6, 2018

April 6, 2018 -- The Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association hosted a 5th District candidate forum at the Comptche Community Hall on Easter weekend. All five contenders vying for the seat had a chance to weigh in on detailed cannabis policy questions. We'll hear an idea from each of the candidates, then find out what some in the audience had to say.

Housing Ideas Presented At Mendocino College

Apr 6, 2018

April 6, 2018 — Small was big at a recent rebuilding expo at Mendocino College.  The event, called Coming Home, featured representatives of the county planning and building department, environmental health, and the fire recovery team. PG&E, the Army Corps, and FEMA were also on the scene. Mostly, though, the big gymnasium was packed with people eager to talk about their ideas for sustainable living.

We’ll hear from organizer Adam Goldberg, of Real Goods, as well as some people with ideas about how to bring small, affordable homes to our region.


Interview With David Roderick

Apr 6, 2018

April 6, 2018 —  In this piece, we’ll hear from David Roderick, who is running for Supervisor in the 5th District. We met in a white yurt in Hopland, where he owns and operates Architectural Metal Incorporated, a company that specializes in metal roof and wall panel systems designed to insulate buildings in an energy efficient manner.

O. Hope McKenney

Sheriff Allman said, “The scene is certainly in between being a crash scene and a crime scene, because I think we’re waiting for a lot of information to come in.”


The bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart were found on March 26, along with the bodies of three of their six children, inside the family's SUV, off a cliff near Westport. Their three other children, Devonte, Hannah, and Sierra, believed to have likely been in the car at the time, are still missing.