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This is radio that puts hair on your brain and takes the moss off your stones!

featured on RADIOGRAM, 9/20/17

Sep 18, 2017

 Tia Miseria, story by Olga Loya//    Proofs by Richard Rodriguez on Dime Stories, found at PRX//   Cigar Stories by The Kitchen Sisters on Fugitive Waves, found at PRX//   Small Things from Playing On Air, found at PRX//   Saratoga Springs from ZBS   

this week on Radiogram

Sep 9, 2017

Lots of ZBS this week & Paul McHugh, author of The Blind Pool, will join me in the studio to talk about his new book.

Wednesday night, 9/13  from 8 to 10 PM

I will be posting links to many of my online audio sources on this program page so that you can listen back or ahead and so that you can check out other work by the creators.

ZBS links:

   ZBS home page

   2 Minute Film Noir