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Thursdays at 1:30! Created and produced by Sarah Reith of KZYX news, a new short series featuring voices of homeless and recently homeless people living in our county. This eight-part series explores the experiences of Mendocino Counties homeless and recently homeless. Much is said about them, but we don't often hear from them about where they sleep, what threatens them, how they feed themselves, and the challenges and obstacles they face. This show began with a 30 minute pilot about the recommendations of Dr Marbut, a consultant hired by the county to advise on how to manage homelessness.

Political Breakdown unpacks politics with a California perspective. Each week hosts Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos examine the political intersection of California and the nation, from the inside out. Political Breakdown pulls back the curtain to offer a glimpse at how politics works today.

Every Saturday morning at 6:30am.

Le Show with Harry Shearer formerly aired on Sunday at 9pm AND Monday at midnight. In order to accommodate Joe Frank, Le Show is now Mondays at midnight only. 

We've added the legendary and controversial radio artist Joe Frank to our schedule! Every Sunday at 9pm tune in for the creative, unusual, irreverant musings of the late Mr. Frank, who pioneered his unique style on KCRW in Los Angeles for over two decades. Joe died in January 2018 at the age of 79 More information about Joe can be found at

This show replaces Le Show with Harry Shearer which now airs Mondays at midnight.