Audible Feast

Every Sunday 12:00noon to 2:00pm
  • Hosted by Fred Wooley

Few radio programs have been able to find the perfect name. Audible Feast is one of those lucky programs. The first time you tune in to Audible Feast, you discover that host Fred Wooley is not a casual programmer. While his voice and delivery sometimes suggest that he's taking a simple walk through his record collection, the fact is that Fred truly thinks about what he'll be playing each Sunday, he listens to as much new material as his humanly possible, and blends a solid mix of music while weaving a narrative that keeps you listening from start to finish.

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It's Thursday afternoon. World Tour programmer Beth Lang and Weekly World Muse programmer Bessie May Mucho shared the microphone with Audible Feast programmer Fred Wooley to appeal for Pledge Drive donations.