Ukiah Brothers Arrested In Gunfire Incident

Aug 29, 2017

Two men were arrested in Ukiah on Sunday after one of them allegedly fired a gun into the ground during an argument.

According to the Ukiah Daily Journal, the altercation between 47-year-old Roman Garcia Maciel and his 50-year-old brother Miguel occurred before 4:50 p.m. in the 900 block of Waugh Lane.

The Ukiah Police Department told the paper that Roman Maciel went inside his house during the argument to get a bolt-action rifle and came out to fire it four times into the ground. When officers responded to the scene, the brothers appeared intoxicated.

Investigators discovered that Miguel Maciel had an active warrant for his arrest for violating a court order while Roman was on probation.

Miguel was arrested and booked for the warrant and public intoxication. Roman was also taken into custody for negligent discharge of a firearm, public intoxication, and violating his probation.