Two killed, three injured in Clearlake Oaks shooting spree

Oct 23, 2017

Two people were killed and a California Highway Patrol officer was injured along with two others during a shooting spree in Clearlake Oaks on Monday.


According to Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin, the shooting was first reported just before 11:30 a.m. and continued as suspect Alan Ashmore of Clearlake Oaks allegedly drove his SUV in the 13 thousand block of Anchor Village and fired multiple rounds at several locations, slaying two victims and injuring a female resident.


The 61-year-old suspect then drove to two gas stations where he shot at other people. One of those was a licensed concealed weapon holder who returned fire and struck Ashmore's vehicle. Deputies searched for Ashmore and later found him when it was reported that he had shot at employees at local winery.


He then proceeded to lead authorities on a chase for several miles before he surrendered at a roadblock on High Valley Road. Officials took him into custody and reportedly found many guns in his vehicle.


The conditions of the two civilians injured weren't released but Martin said the CHP officer wore a bullet-proof vest and will recover from the shot.


If you have any information on this investigation, please call Detective Sergeant John Gregore at 707-262-4238.


The identity of all five victims was not released.