State Warns consumers: Don't eat sport harvested shellfish from Mendo

Feb 15, 2017

The California Department of Public Health has advised consumers not to eat recreationally harvested mussels, clams or whole scallops from Mendocino County. Dangerous levels of toxins have been detected in mussels from this region. The naturally occurring poisonous toxins can cause illness or death in humans, and cooking does not destroy the toxins. 

  At the Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Mendocino County Board of Supervisor's meeting, County CEO Carmel Angelo reminded the Board during her CEO report that Mendocino County has been in a recreational shellfish embargo, which she said is unusual during the winter months. This means any shellfish such as oysters, clams or mussels that are recreationally harvested this season should not be eaten, and commercial shellfish from this region is not allowed to enter the marketplace.