Rural Resilience - Alternative Education: Thursday, 2-15-18 @ 9AM

Jan 25, 2018

My guest on the next show, Gary Lewis, works in Alternative Education in Fort Bragg and currently teaches grades 6 through 8.  He is particularly interested in social-emotional development and how childhood trauma impacts the ability of youth to access education.  Prior to working in Alternative Education, Gary spent a year as an aide in a Special Education class.

Gary’s interest in how childhood trauma and other adverse experiences can negatively impact a person’s development grew out of working as a lawyer for very low-income, mostly homeless, clients in San Francisco.  In addition to working with at-risk youth in the classroom, Gary also volunteers with the coastal Teen Peer Court program.  This effort enables first time youth offenders a way to repair harm in a meaningful way by offering an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system.