Ross Murray, Veteran Of WWII And Of The Early Days Of TV and Radio, Has Passed Away At 98

Jun 16, 2017

Ross Murray was one of the founding members of KZYX and hosted public affairs and commentary programs for many years as well as donating both funds and equipment to the station. His 5 minute political commentaries were a must-listen for years on KZYX.

Ross was a long-time resident of Anderson Valley and loved his retirement time here after having worked in Hollywood for several decades as a writer and sound technician. He was an academy lifetime achievement award winner for “inventing” the method for editing video tape. One of his favorite periods is when he was the sound effects guy on the Carol Burnett Show and wrote and performed on many other early TV and radio programs.

Ross was also a pilot in World War II and served with distinction after qualifying to fly one of the hardest planes to fly in WWII without revealing that he "had a bum arm that didn’t work so well".

Ross never missed a chance to sing the praises of his lovely wife and partner Joyce who as he put it, "saved my life with her love." Joyce passed away just a few years ago and her passing may have taken a bit of the light from Ross. Ross was also a huge animal lover and was rarely seen without his trusty sidekick, Andy. Andy passed away shortly after Joyce. Ross powered on determined to, "keep going until I can't I guess.".

I was honored to also say with swelling pride that Ross was also a mentor and a friend to me personally and he will always be remembered by me as the very best the human race has to offer and a role model for taking on age head first. I will very badly miss my friend Ross.

Look for more about the great Ross Murray in coming posts.

Thank you,

Rich Culbertson

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