Philo-Greenwood Road Faces 3 Weeks Of Repair, Possible Closures

19 hours ago

The Mendocino County Department of Transportation has scheduled major repairs to Philo-Greenwood Road that will force closures of the road between September 18 an October 10, 2017. The road was briefly closed by landslides and toppled trees during heavy rains in February.

Signs appeared on Wednesday saying the road would be closed, but transportation officials contacted by KZYX predicted the closures would be only sporadic and that Philo-Greenwood Road would be passable at times while the repairs are being carried out.

The affected stretch of the road runs from just east of Elk to mile marker 1.64. 

During closures, travelers heading inland from the Elk coast can take Route 1 north to Cameron Road or Route 128, or south to Mountain View Road. Motorists traveling west toward the Elk coast on Philo-Greenwood Road can detour up Cameron Road to Route 128.