Mendocino Works! Explores Revival Of A Flagging Business

Jun 13, 2017

Build it or fix it? When does it make more sense to buy an ongoing business that's struggling, rather than starting a new business from scratch?

Mendocino Works posed this question and many others to Taylor Pedersen, a San Francisco restaurateur who with his partner Chris Struett took over Ukiah brewpub Ritual in February. Pedersen describes how he and Struett are re-inventing the business to their own vision under its original name, Ukiah Brewing Company.

Click this link to listen to the complete broadcast. 

Mendocino Works, a KZYX public affairs program hosted by Jeffrey Parker that is exploring the birth and nurture of healthy, homegrown, sustainable startups, is produced by KZYX in collaboration with West Company, a nonprofit consultancy that coaches local startups, and the Recording Arts and Technology program of Mendocino Community College.  

The interview with Taylor Pedersen aired on KZYX on Wednesday 14 June at 7 p.m. Pacific daylight time.