Measure B Commission Oversteps

May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018 -- At the May 8 Board of Supervisors meeting, board members chastised the Measure B Oversight Commission for hiring Lee Kemper to conduct a needs assessment without first getting a vote of approval from elected representatives.

The Measure B Oversight Commission is an advisory board, tasked with advising supervisors on how to spend sales tax revenue to serve the mentally ill. CEO Carmel Angelo and Sheriff Tom Allman are both members of the commisison. On Tuesday, the exacutive office and the sheriff asked the board to amend an existing  $25,000 contract with Lee Kemper to conduct a needs assessment for mental health services in Mendocino County. Kemper would have been paid an additional $40,000 out of Measure B funds to do the work.

But Kemper started doing the work on April 26, a day after making a presentation at the oversight commission's meeting.

Angelo argued that drawing up a separate contract could slow the work down, and expressed uncertainty about whether a more detailed contract would mean the work would have to go out to bid. However, Supervisor Dan Gjerde said he believes contracts under $50,000 can be sole-sourced.

The board accepted a compromise suggested by Anne Molgaard, acting Health and Human Services director, to pay Kemper an additional $10,000 to continue doing the work, with the understanding that the additional funds will be forthcoming after a more detailed contract has been drawn up.