From The KZYX Tech Blog

Aug 4, 2017

Welcome to the KZYX tech blog. Here I hope to provide periodic updates on the technical state of the station, inject a bit of humor now and then and maybe answer some of the more commonly asked technical questions. I hope not to be too techno-jargonish and will try to give timelines and links to more information whenever possible. Thanks, Rich Culbertson

Today I'd like to follow up a bit on how our signal gets to your ears. 

In the May post I mentioned briefly how our "terrestrial" (over-the-air) signal gets out from the Philo studio to the various transmitters and antennas and onto you. 

However, as many of you know we also have audio studios in Mendocino and Willits. To bring their audio to the Philo studio and then out to the transmitters we use a device called a Bridge-IT. Made by Tieline corp. It's one of the top of the line products and is used by almost all major TV stations, large press events like the Super Bowl etc. It's a device that cleanly turns our music and public affairs shows into digital data that is nearly instantly sent via the internet to another of its kind to put back into regular old audio and sends it out to you thru the Philo studio.

You may have noticed I mentioned "via the internet". Thus brings us to our issue. In order to use public internet lines to transmit large files cleanly and consistently (as in live) you must use a large position of the bandwidth available to your location. The selling point for Tieline products is their proprietary method for reserving and protecting the bandwidth for its uses only. 

However, even with all of the high end equipment we are still subject to internet issues that are beyond anyone's local control. When that happens, the signal from the remotes studios either gets distorted or the connection is completely dropped.

I pleased to say the recent new developments in terms of beefier main internet connections and the possibility of fiber-optic lines coming in should allow us to explore other IT options and possible strengthen the reliability and clarity of the remote studios in months to come.

Next time we'll talk a bit about receptions issues and include a few tips for improving your chances at pick up KZYX or KZYZ!

Thanks for you time today!

Rich Culbertson

Operation Director