KZYX Mendocino Works To Explore Post-Fire Rebuilding Funds, Wednesday 1 Nov at 7pm

Nov 1, 2017

In the three weeks since the Mendocino Lake Complex fire ravaged homes in Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Clearlake Oaks and other communities, survivors who first struggled to meet immediate needs of shelter, clothing and life stability now are reviewing options for putting their lives back together and rebuilding. Mobilizing to help are a range of nonprofit organizations, some assisting survivors with little or no insurance or other safety net.

On Wednesday 1 November 2017, at 7 p.m., Mendocino Works will interview the leaders of two such organizations, North Coast Opportunities and Hope Crisis Response Network.

Join us for a conversation with Patty Bruder, executive director of North Coast Opportunities, or NCO, a  Community Action Agency that dates back to 1968 and President Johnson's War on Poverty, with the mission of assisting low-income and disadvantaged people to become self-reliant. NCO provides a safety net of emergency assistance, employment, and training services for low-income individuals and families. NCO employs 250 people, has an annual budget of approximately $15 million, and has successfully managed major grants from federal, state, and foundation funders.

Also joining the discussion will be Kevin Cox, founder and chief executive of Hope Crisis Response Network, which specializes in short- and long-term disaster recovery. Hope Crisis specializes in the creation of mobile disaster base camps known as Hope Cities, which have been cited by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a model for disaster recovery. Hope Crisis Relief Network has served in 216 disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, and in recent years has assisted in the rebuilding of homes destroyed in Lake County's Rocky, Jerusalem, Valley and Clayton fires for families with little or no insurance coverage. It's now ramping up similar efforts to aid survivors of the Redwood and Sulphur fires. 

Mendocino Works, our program about innovation, investment and development in the Mendocino economy, is produced in collaboration with the nonprofit business development agency West Company and the Recording Arts & Technology program of Mendocino Community College.

That’s Mendocino Works, Wednesday 1 November at 7 p.m., here on KZYX.