Introducing the KZYX Tech Blog

May 11, 2017

Welcome to the KZYX tech blog. Here I hope to provide periodic updates on the technical state of the station, inject a bit of humor now and then and maybe answer some of the more commonly asked technical questions. I hope not to be too techno-jargonish and will try to give timelines and links to more information whenever possible. Thanks, Rich Culbertson

Today, I just want to very briefly explain a bit about our signal path and some of the obstacles we face getting KZYX to your radios.

KZYX is located in Anderson Valley (key word there is VALLEY). From the palatial complex that is the KZYX studio (where no terminate is ever harmed) we broadcast music, news, entertainment and public affairs thru a very expensive Wheatstone air-board to a Harris digital transmitter which broadcasts out of an antenna on a telephone pole over 150 feet away (not ideal). From that antenna we send the digital signal over the tops (barely) of two national forest ridges to the receiving antenna on the tower at Cold Springs mountain. There the signal is brought down into the Harris CD Z2 transmitter where it is sent back out in analog form boosted to around 3,400 watts of power and aimed at the valley and coast at 90.7 FM. At the same time our translator on Bald Hill mountain in Fort Bragg takes that 90.7 signal and retransmits it aimed directly into Fort Bragg at 88.1 FM. Also happening that the same time back at Cold Springs another digital signal is transmitted off a second antenna on the tower which is aimed across the Ukiah valley to Laughlin ridge mountain where it is received and retransmitted in analog form at 9.15 FM at about 1,700 watts and is focused on Ukiah, Willits and Lake county.

Simple right? Well in future posts I’ll add in the steps needed to connect to our remote studios and discuss the blessings of our satellite system.

Even at the most basic level you’ll note that bringing KZYX to your ears is no easy task but it’s one we dedicate ourselves to making work. I hope you’ll return to this page from time to time and I’ll add more of the behind-the-scenes workings of the station and try my best to keep you updated on the technical health of the station you support and love.

Thanks for you time today!

Rich Culbertson

Operation Director