Heat Wave Expected for Labor Day Weekend

Aug 30, 2017

An excessive heat wave is expected later this week with temperatures forecast to rise into the triple digits on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, the hot weather will cover inland Mendocino County and Lake County and last until at least Monday.

The heat, forecaster Richard Lam said, is caused by high pressure building over the Northestern United States.  Although it comes at the end of August, this may not be the last scorching week of the summer. 

The greatest temperatures, he added, will be in Ukiah as the highs could climb to as high as 115 degrees. This will create a risk for heat-related illness.

In order to protect yourself and your family, officials advise that you drink plenty of fluids, stay inside and air conditioned room and check up on relatives and neighbors.

If you are working outside, reschedule your work to the early morning or the evening and wear light-weight, loose-fitting clothing. Take frequent rest breaks and move to a cool, shaded location.

For cases of heatstroke, call 911.

For KZYX News, I’m Jason Morash.