Clear Lake floods shoreline parks

Feb 9, 2017

For the first time since California's drought began half-a-decade ago, the waters in Lake County's Clear Lake are forecasted to exceed more than a foot over the flood stage.


The rising levels Thursday have caused local parks to close in addition to affecting local roads and properties along the shores. In fact, at about noon on Thursday officials at Clear Lake State Park in Kelseyville announced it would be closed to public access until the waters recede.


Park Superintendent Bill Salata described the situation...


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Clear Lake's flooding affected areas around Lake County, including this property on Lakeshore Drive in the City of Clearlake.
Credit Photo Courtesy of Conrad Colbrandt

  The flooding also affected Library Park as the Lakeport Police Department announced the its shutdown around 4 p.m. According to LPD Police Chief Brad Rasmussen, the water breached the park's protective bulkhead and spilled out on to the playground and lawn areas.


Damage wasn't inflicted to the historic Carnegie Library, but Rasmussen said the bulkhead might be damaged as officials hypothesize the waters saturated the wall and affected its foundations. Crews will investigate when the flooding is over.






Reports of water damage to private property, officials say, haven't been significant. According to county supervisor Jim Steele, whose district contains multiple lakefront properties on, his constituents report floodwater being close but not enough to be very impactful.


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