Sheri Quinn

News Director

Sheri is the current news director at KZYX. Sheri has an impressive C.V. and comes to KZYX from Utah where she was an award winning journalist and reporter.

Sheri proved her talents to the KZYX listeners during the important extensive coverage of the fires in Lake county. Her reporting on local elections and the growing concern over changes in the local cannabis industry has won her praises from all over Northern California. 


The homeless in Mendocino County have few options for shelter.  The temporary winter shelters are closing soon and in Ukiah, the police are constantly telling them to leave the city. More than a dozen illegal camping tickets have been issued to homeless individuals in the past six months. A group of about 15 recently had to vacate their campsite in downtown Ukiah near the Depot the beginning of April.  In part 4, Kzyx catches up with them as they break down their campsite.  Then, we hear from Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors adopted the county’s new medical cannabis cultivation regulations on April 4, 2017. The new changes take effect May 4, 2017 and will be carried out in three phases through January 1, 2020. Many details still need to be worked and some cannabis growers worry about how it will impact small-scale marijuana farmers. 

CA Farm Bureau

Many species of bats are migrating back to California after spending the winter further south. They are surprisingly diverse creatures given their blood sucking reputation. They live in old tree hollows, palm trees, buildings or barns, and underneath bridges or caves in colonies of up to 20 million or more. Bat Specialist Rachel Long says there are 26 species of bats in California. In this story, she dispels some myths about bats and reveals insights into their mysterious world. 


Eel River Recovery Project

The Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP) is exploring the idea of an informational "drop in" center at the Willits Hub for sustainable cannabis farmers. They are hosting a discussion about it Friday night, April 14, 2017 at The Hub (formerly the location of the Willits Environmental Center), a shared facility located on Main Street in Willits for several local environmental groups. 

Save A Seal

Apr 11, 2017
Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito is seeking volunteers to help with the demands of rescuing so many marine creatures.  The center is receiving 6 to 10 new marine mammal patients every day.  

Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of tasks such as working in the fish kitchen or cleaning-up at the facility, and they are seeking long-term volunteers to help with direct animal care, minimal training is required. They also need rescue and response personnel and drivers to transport rescued animals.