Sheri Quinn

News Director

Sheri is the current news director at KZYX. Sheri has an impressive C.V. and comes to KZYX from Utah where she was an award winning journalist and reporter.

Sheri proved her talents to the KZYX listeners during the important extensive coverage of the fires in Lake county. Her reporting on local elections and the growing concern over changes in the local cannabis industry has won her praises from all over Northern California. 

Cannabis cultivation and amnesty were discussed at this week's Mendocino County Supervisor's meeting, Sheriff Tom Allman called on a crackdown to end illegal cannabis cultivation in 2018.  Dan Young reports. 

Cannabis is the top agricultural crop in Round Valley.  Locals sometimes refer to it as Ground Zero for marijuana cultivation in Mendocino County. Despite the amount of such farming in Covelo, many residents feel they have been poorly represented in local cannabis policy shaping and they want their concerns and opinions voiced.  Dan Young reports. 

Living With Wildlife

Sep 5, 2017

Mountain lions, coyotes, and bear have been feasting on livestock for decades.  These cunning predators usually find a way to outwit ranchers and agricultural scientists who continually employ creative tactics to either kill the predators or scare them off.  Reporter Sarah Reith reports on the latest predator control strategies. 

Water board officials heard an earful from Lake County residents at Lakeport City Hall on Monday, August 28 2017.  The topic of discussion was regulating the pollutant and nutrient loading of the massive water body, Clearlake. Many questions and concerns were raised by members of the public over the lack of management of the lake.