Sheri Quinn

News Director

Sheri is the current news director at KZYX. Sheri has an impressive C.V. and comes to KZYX from Utah where she was an award winning journalist and reporter.

Sheri proved her talents to the KZYX listeners during the important extensive coverage of the fires in Lake county. Her reporting on local elections and the growing concern over changes in the local cannabis industry has won her praises from all over Northern California. 

Fish In Hot Water

May 18, 2017

California's coastal ecosystem is in jeopardy. Several years of drought and unusually warm temperatures have offset its balance, causing a cascade of problems for sea dwelling creatures and many of the state's fisheries - one of the most productive in the world. 

Press Democrat

Mendocino County CEO Carmel Angelo and the Board of Supervisors welcome new supervisor Georgeanne Crosky at her swearing in ceremony on Thursday, May 11, 2o17. 

Michael Stephens is a wildlife biologist based in Fort Bragg. Much of his summers are spent tracking owls and other birds in the Redwood Forest, particularly the Northern Spotted Owl.

Stephens has recently been tracking a family of spotted owls along Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg. He mimics some of their calls to lure them towards him. Tune in to learn about the dilemma 


  facing the owls. 




Spotted owl populations have plummeted over the past several years despite a decade of protection. Scientists measuring the decline say their populations are decreasing at a rate of 4 percent a year. Turns out, the main culprit is a much larger owl called the Barred owl. It has moved in from the East Coast and has encroached on the smaller owl's territory in Northern California. The Barred owl will also sometimes eat spotted owls and even breed with them, producing what scientists are calling the Sparred Owl.


The emergency homeless shelter in Ukiah recently closed, forcing many homeless individuals in Mendocino county to wander the streets and sleep outside at night. The closure puts them at greater risk of being ticketed by police for illegal camping.  


The city of Ukiah adopted an illegal camping ordinance in 2014, essentially criminalizing camping and homelessness. 


  Alan Schlosser, Senior counsel of the ACLU in Northern California wrote a letter to the city when the ordinance was on the city council meeting agenda in 2014.