Rich Culbertson

Operations Director - Chief Operator

Rich is currently KZYX and KZYZ's Chief Operator and Operations Director. He's responsible for the technical operation of the station as well as enforcement of FCC requirements and regulations.

Rich first joined KZYX in Oct of 2007 and left in Jan of 2016 only to return in August of 2016. He has been in radio for nearly 30 years.

Rich has won awards for editing and news and has produced, engineered and hosted dozens of public affairs and music programs. He taught public affairs seminars and broadcast best practice training courses on the campus of Humboldt State University while working at KHSU.

Rich also manages a website created to provide tools for public radio stations and broadcasters.

From Rich's site, "It is my mission to advocate for, and be a facilitator of, open communication in the most effective forms available."

Ways to Connect

There are many ways for you to communicate with KZYX. One of them is to

attend the upcoming meeting of your Community Advisory Board. It's in at the

Fort Bragg Library on June 7th. A member survey went out with the recent

Board of Directors ballots. We will discuss the many responses, and snacks

will be served. You're encouraged to attend this meeting in the Community

Room of the Fort Bragg Library, 449 East Laurel Street, on Wednesday June

7th, at 6 o'clock.

Thursday Jan Futcher spoke with Chantal Simonpietri about Water Rights and commercial Cannabis production. She gives great information on how to get compliant with state water regulations and discusses possible future changes in water regulations. 

Hear the show by clicking here.

Mendocino Works: Mendocino’s Embrace of Benefit Corporations

17 May 2017 * 7-8 p.m., KZYX

Welcome to the KZYX tech blog. Here I hope to provide periodic updates on the technical state of the station, inject a bit of humor now and then and maybe answer some of the more commonly asked technical questions. I hope not to be too techno-jargonish and will try to give timelines and links to more information whenever possible. Thanks, Rich Culbertson

Today, I just want to very briefly explain a bit about our signal path and some of the obstacles we face getting KZYX to your radios.

Mendocino Works, our new program about the nurture of healthy, homegrown startups, explores an innovative Angel Challenge competition in Norway where investors and entrepreneurs size each other up over multiple meetings before funds are awarded. Jeff Parker met the program’s founder in Oslo, then interviews two seasoned advocates who are adapting the model for rural US communities like Mendocino. 

Below is the basic description of the May 3rd show and a link to hear it and download it to share with others. Thanks!