• Volunteer

    All purpose sub for many shows. Was the co-host of Radiorama for many years.

  • Membership Director

    Diane Hering is currently the Membership Director for KZYX.

    Diane is in so many ways the prototype KZYX person. Diane has been the host of the very popular Lunch on the Back Porch for too many years to mention but she has also been the...

  • Jane is a local activist and published author and host of the Cannabis Hour every other Thursday mornings at 9 AM. She also currently serves on the MCPB Board of Directors and previously served as the Board President.

  • Host

    Mary is the long-time host of Dead Air. (Trading off with Muerto Berto) She also valiantly serviced as KZYX's Program and Music Director for 22 years.

  • Host

    Michael is a very skilled guitarist and expert in the beautiful music of the Hawaiian Islands.

    He's been hosting Na Mele o'Hawaii for over 2 decades and has treated the people of the area to his music and the dance and culture of Hawaii...