• Program Director

    Alice has been serving as KZYX's interim Program and Music Director for the last several months. She is also a host of Women's Voices and host a classical program made up of new arrivals to the station on the fifth Monday of a given month.


  • Host

    Angela has been our all-purpose utility person for some time now. Angela has been mainating our membership department while Diane has been out. Angela has also been the line producer for the last several pledge drives and coordinated many KZYX...

  • Bookkeeper

    Dan is a very talented musician who has programmed jazz and classical shows. He's also on the staff as KZYX's bookkeeper.

  • Underwriting and Business Coordinator

    David is KZYX's Underwriting and Business Coordinator. He works with business all over the KZYX coverage area to get their message out. David has also been making sure the logistics of KZYX events get worked out over the last 8 years. David...

  • Membership Director

    Diane Hering is currently the Membership Director for KZYX.

    Diane is in so many ways the prototype KZYX person. Diane has been the host of the very popular Lunch on the Back Porch for too many years to mention but she has also been the...