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  • Host

    Dave is a one of the long-time hosts of Sunday Evening Jazz.

    While affectionately nicknamed "Grumpy" in fact Dave has a quick wit and adds his own take a range of jazz you thought you knew.

  • Host

    Dave is a collector of the some of the earliest forums of recorded music. He boost a huge stockpile of wax cylinders and shares those roots with the KZYX listeners every other Monday evening.

  • Membership Director

    Diane Hering is currently the Membership Director for KZYX.

    Diane is in so many ways the prototype KZYX person. Diane has been the host of the very popular Lunch on the Back Porch for too many years to mention but she has also been the...

  • Doug is considered to be the foremost expert on Solar technology and has been hosting the Renewable Energy Hour for more than 20 years now.