• Host and Engineer

    Toni has been a host, an engineer and producer at KZYX for a great many years. She is the co-host and engineer for Corporations and Democracy which broadcasts out of our Mendocino studio every other Tuesday afternoon at 1 PM. 

  • Host

    Tony has been helping KZYX for many years. He was the host of the popular Words on Books and now rotates as one of the hosts on Music Without Boarders every Monday morning at 10.

  • Host and News Reporter

    Valerie has been a strong addition to KZYX. She is one of the rotating hosts of Farm and Garden and has filled in for Diane Hering managing the Membership database while she was out on medical leave. Valerie has also been one of the strongest...

  • Host

    Verge is a proud veteran of the "back to the land" movement and brings a return to the values of the 60's every week at midnight as Thursday turns to Friday.

  • Host

    Dan is the irreverent host of The Treehouse every other Thursday evening starting at 8 PM. Comedy for various sources and perspective. Nothing too heavy or adult just good laughs on a Thursday evening.