Alice Woelfle

Program Director

Alice is the Program and Music Director at KZYX. She is the host of Music Without Borders Mondays from 10-noon, a show featuring new music across all genres. She is also the co-host of Trading Time each Saturday at 11. Alice grew up in Venice, Ca the daughter of a children’s author and an artist. She attended college in Pittsburgh PA, and London, England. Following that she spent eight years in sustainable agriculture working with sheep, cattle, goats and horses on ranches in Oregon and California. Alice has worked as a musician, teacher, chef, youth mentor, activist, and rancher. In addition to her work at KZYX she operates a small sheep ranch in Anderson Valley.

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On Monday, May 7 at 9 am, join Johanna Wildoak on Wildoak Living. The topic of the program will be one that impacts everyone living or traveling through our beautiful county: The health and sustainability of our county roads, public transit, bike and pedestrian paths.  Johanna’s guest will be Dan Gjerde, 4th district  Supervisor for Mendocino County. They will talk about two ballot measures coming up in June and November that will affect how much money our county can spend to improve local roads as well as public bus service and bike/pedestrian paths: SB1 and Proposition 69.

Peter and the Wolf was written by Serge Prokofiev in 1936, with the purpose of introducing children to the instruments of a Symphony Orchestra. it has just been rewritten for jazz band and recorded by the New England Jazz Ensemble. Not only are the classical instruments replaced by big band soloists, the narration has also been translated to the vernacular of jazz. The original melodies sound natural as jazz riffs, revealing the influence 20th century classical music had on jazz. For the past 75 years Peter and the Wolf has introduced children all over the world to classical music.

Below is the audio of the 5th District Supervisors Candidates Forum which took place in Anderson Valley on April 11th. It was recorded by Justin Moritz as part of KZYX's collaboration with the Mendocino College Recording Arts and Technology Program. 

The following is a recording of the 5th district board of candidates forum which took place on Wednesday March 14th at the Greenwood community center in Elk. This program was recorded by Justin Moritz as part of KZYX's collaboration with the recording arts and technology program at Mendocino College.

Listen here