Alice Woelfle

Program Director

Alice is the Program and Music Director at KZYX. She is the host of Music Without Borders Mondays from 10-noon, a show featuring new music across all genres. She is also the co-host of Trading Time each Saturday at 11. Alice grew up in Venice, Ca the daughter of a children’s author and an artist. She attended college in Pittsburgh PA, and London, England. Following that she spent eight years in sustainable agriculture working with sheep, cattle, goats and horses on ranches in Oregon and California. Alice has worked as a musician, teacher, chef, youth mentor, activist, and rancher. In addition to her work at KZYX she operates a small sheep ranch in Anderson Valley.

Musique Noire is a group of four black women from Detroit. Their music reflects the whirlpool of languages, cultures, and musical heritage projected through the lens of that resoundingly black former industrial city. Their new album Reflections: We Breathe celebrates women warriors of the arts through the unique instrumentation of violin, viola, percussion, and guitar, fusing elements of Jazz R&B, African, Latin, and Middle eastern sounds. The album is a unique offering from a group of women with several decades of collective musical heritage.

Gary Lewis works as a teacher of high-risk students for the Ft Bragg school district. In this interview he speaks about High Risk students. Who are they? What are his experiences with this group of students? How does he approach educating them and how his classroom differs from mainstream school.  He also talks about the risks and challenges faced by teachers, schools, parents, and the community in supporting these students.

The audio is here:

What's it like to be naked with James Franco? how do you mentally and physically prepare yourself to be encased in Plaster for three hours? and most importantly, why are there 267 words for Love in Sanskrit? Elyse Poppers is the guest on XXWhy this Thursday. Tune in to hear about her experimental feminist performance art and her new book, 267 words for love. Thursday at 7pm.

The Apollo Chamber Players are a non-profit chamber music organization which champions multicultural folkloric influences in classical music. The group has set themselves a challenge: to commission twenty new works by the year 2020. Their latest release features composers from Isreal, Cuba, Syria and The Andes. The hope is that listeners will find companionship in the spirit of those who have come before us. The track we’re hearing is Yawar Fiesta by Javier Farias and depicts a ceremonial fight between a bull and a condor, representing Peru’s independence from Spain.

Audio of the KZYX Board of Directors candidates forum on 5 March 2018 can be heard by clicking the link below. It can also be heard in the KZYX Jukebox at Scroll to  7pm and 8pm Monday March 5.