Cannabis cultivation and amnesty were discussed at this week's Mendocino County Supervisor's meeting, Sheriff Tom Allman called on a crackdown to end illegal cannabis cultivation in 2018.  Dan Young reports. 

Flying High in Boonville

Sep 11, 2017
Miguel Ridolfi

Boonville, August 16, 2017 --  Airport Day in Boonville is all about telling good stories at high altitudes. We caught a few from old-time fliers and an aspiring pilot at the annual Boonville Aviation Knowledge and Folklore Convention.


An excessive heat wave is expected later this week with temperatures forecast to rise into the triple digits on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, the hot weather will cover inland Mendocino County and Lake County and last until at least Monday.

The heat, forecaster Richard Lam said, is caused by high pressure building over the Northestern United States.  Although it comes at the end of August, this may not be the last scorching week of the summer. 

Slightly cooler but still hot inland temperatures can be expected on Wednesday with increasing cloudiness and fog along the coast. Another round of increasing heat is forecast throughout the interior from Thursday through the weekend while warm and pleasant conditions are expected along the coast.

On the seas, northerly winds will create small craft-advisory conditions in the southern outer waters until Friday. Gale force winds may occur over the northern waters.

And now, let’s take a look at your two-day forecast for Lake and Mendocino Counties…

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The Big River Bridge Installation Project will begin next Tuesday, Sept. 6.  

During construction, public access from the beach parking lot to the quarry will be closed but the other sections of the State Park will be open for day use.

Officials hope to have the project completed by November. However, the contractor has a calendar year to complete the project.