MCPB Boad of Directors

Current Board Members

Our elected board members serve the Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Community. 

Follow this link to read the MCPB Board of Directors Responsibility.

Contact the Board via email: BOD [at] kzyx [dot] org

Below is a list of our current Board Members as of May 6, 2015:

District 1
Jonathan Middlebrook (2016-2019)

District 2
Benj Thomas (2015-2018)

District 3
Jenness Hartley (2014-2017)[appointed 11-2-2015] Secretary

District 4
Meg Courtney (2014-2017), Board President

District 5
Clay Eubank (20015 - 2018)

Ed Keller (2015 - 2018)
John Azzaro z (2016-2019
Jane Futcher (2014 - 2017), Board Vice-President

Programmer-Elected Board Member
Stuart Campbell  (2016-2019)j, Treasurer