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Audio of the MCPB Board Candidates Forum

Follow this link to listen to the audio archive of the Candidates Forum which aired Thursday March 5.

Listen and also read the candidates statements (listed in the column on the right of this page) and mail your ballots so they are received by March 31.

Water Wise: Making Every Drop Count - a special series this month on the Ecology Hour

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The Ecology Hour
Follow the link above to see archives of The Ecology Hour Ecology Hour airs every Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm...
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Has your well run dry?  Maybe not, but everyone in Mendocino County is feeling the impact of the drought.  Over half the state is now in exceptional drought conditions and our own Navarro River has less water than ever recorded for this time of year.

KZYX will be airing a locally produced “Water Wise” series during the month of August on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 pm during the Ecology Hour. These programs will focus on ways to adapt to low water conditions with strategies for home and landowners to make the best use of every drop and help mitigate the effects of drought in their home and landscape.

The series will be hosted by Linda MacElwee from the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District and Mary Aigner.  “The time for saving water is now.  The drought conditions are only going to intensify,” says MacElwee.  “It is also a great time to get ready for the winter in order to catch as much rain as possible.  The drought is not going to abate with one season’s rains but we can prepare and adapt.”

The series will cover water use, reuse and catchment for the home and garden.  Topics include: Drought Landscaping and Drip Irrigation, Installing and Maintaining Greywater Systems, In-home Water Conservation and Leak Detection, and How to Harvest Rainwater.  The program dates are:

August 5th- Drought Landscaping and Drip Irrigation, guests include: Jim Xerogeanes Director of the Mendocino College Agriculture Department and Kris Loomis irrigation specialist for Wyatt Irrigation.

listen to a recording of the Aug 5th show by following this link.....

Drought Landscaping and Drip Irrigation

August 12th- Installing and Maintaining Greywater Systems. Guest: Anna Birkas of Village Ecosystems.

listen to a recording of the Aug 12th show by following this link....

Installing and Maintaing Greywater Systems

August 19th- In-Home Water Conservation: Beyond the Short Shower.  Strategies for leak detection, conducting your own home water use audit, and information about the newest water saving fixtures. Guests include: Deborah Edelman, from the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District and Adam Standlee, Plumbing department head from Friedman Bros. Home Improvement Store.

listen to a recording of the Aug 19th show by following this link:

In-Home Water Conservation

August 26th- Harvesting Rainwater, guest: Brad Lancaster, author of two volume set “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond”.

listen to a recording of the Aug 26th show by following this link:

Rainwater Harvesting

These programs are a collaboration between KZYX and the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, which received funding for water conservation education from the California Department of Conservation and North Coast IRWMP, Prop 84.

For more information go to the Mendocino County RCD  Drought Page



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Follow the link above to see archives of The Ecology Hour

Ecology Hour airs every Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm.

The 2015 MCPB Board of Directors Election

It's Board election season at KZYX.  Follow this link to the Election Page.  Here are the candidates for this election.  Each name links to the candidate's statement:

District 5:

Clay Eubank

Dennis O'Brien


Ed Keller

Doug McKenty

District 2:

Benj Thomas

Tony Novelli (Tony has withdrawn from the race.  He has a new statement explaining.)


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