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Information & News from the KZYX General Manager

I will be posting news and information here about any changes occurring at the station. As you are probably aware, staff member Mary Aigner is retiring after 22 years with KZYX. She will still be producing the show DEAD AIR on Thursday nights. She has provided incredible service to the station for many years, in many different positions, including her current job as Program Director, and her previous jobs as Interim Station Manager, Membership Coordinator and Underwriting Sales Director.

Angela DeWitt has been named our new Interim Program Manager. The staff is working together to create a new job description for the Program Director, and when that is done (and budget permits) we will post the job widely and have an open hiring process.

Stay tuned more news and information soon!

Lorraine Dechter
General Manager KZYX & Z
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
(707) 895-2324

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Morning News for Wednesday, June 5th

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The City of Ukiah needs to take action soon to permanently close its former landfill and avoid "severe consequences" such as penalties and fines, the Mendocino Grand Jury recently recommended.

The Grand Jury found that the city "stopped receiving refuse at its landfill on Vichy Springs Road in 2001, but has not capped it yet.

"The law requires the landfill be capped and permanently closed within two years," the report states. "(But) it has been 12 years and the landfill is not capped, not permanently closed nor has the post maintenance plan been submitted for approval."

The GJ notes that the landfill "straddles an earthquake zone, a local watershed and two creeks that feed into the Russian River. In 1999 the city submitted a "Final Closure Plan" to the(County) Enforcement Agency representing the California Health Department, CalRecycle , and the North Coast Regional Water Board. But "for the next eight years comments and revisions went back and forth with the city missing important deadlines."

"on March 13, 2012, the city's landfill was put on the Inventory of Solid Waste Facilities Which Violate State Minimum Standards' due to chronic violations.

A response to this report is required from the Ukiah City Council within 90 days





An update on the Lakeport landslide is on the Board of Supervisors' agenda today at 9 a.m. in the board chambers at the Lake  Courthouse, in Lakeport. It will be also broadcast live on TV8. 

Recently subdivision residents have reported that there hasn't been significant land movement and that the water that was coming out of the hillside into a storm drain has nearly stopped.

The supervisors will review a memo written by a California Department of Water Resources (DWR) representative, summarizing observations and conclusions from a site visit state officials made to the slide area May 8


The four-page document leaves many fundamental questions still unanswered -- including why did the land begin moving and what accounts for the excess water seen in and around the unstable ground?

"at least three different factors -- geology, loading due to artificial fill and water -- may have contributed to the landslide,"  "The source(s) of water are unknown, and may never be known."

The BOS will also likely spend some time talking about last weekend's test of the subdivision's public water system.

The May 25 analysis led to the discovery of a system leak, equating to one or two gallons per minute. The rupture was fixed last Tuesday.

California officials Monday launched a new program to analyze and overhaul the state parks system, to be led by a volunteer commission. Called Parks Forward, the effort is required by the California State Parks Stewardship Act, passed last year in the wake of a financial scandal .

the commission will produce a report by the end of next year. The process will be public .

The Parks Forward initiative follows a Little Hoover Commission report released in March that recommended a number of operational changes. Among them was the idea of divesting some parks, to reduce operating expenses, and turning them over to other entities, such as local governments.

For more information, visit: www.parksforward.com.















Ukiah Valley Medical Center has received the Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) designation .

According to Vice President for Patient Care Heather Van Housen, in order to achieve the NICHE designation the nursing leadership team, Van Housen included, completed a six-week course on how to build the infrastructure needed to support our aging population.

“Our next step in the process,is to evaluate how we currently care for elders and train the nursing staff on best practices .



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