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Information & News from the KZYX General Manager

We are pleased to announce that the Community Advisory Board (CAB) will be holding several meetings in the further reaches of our listening area. These will be informal meetings, meaning that there may not be a quorum of CAB members present, and nothing will be voted on. The first meeting will be held in Elk on Tuesday evening, February 23rd, at the Greenwood School, 5150 S. Hwy 1, at 6:30 pm.

The CAB wants to hear from you, discuss what you are interested in regarding KZYX, and will take your comments to the next KZYX Board of Directors meeting. There will be snacks and beverages. For more information on the CAB meeting in Elk, call (707) 877-3475.

Thanks to those members who are running for open positions on the Board of Directors. To the right of this article you will find a list of candidates. Soon we will be posting the candidate statements. The on air candidate forum will be held on Thursday, March 3rd at 7pm.

Earlier this week I met with our former General Manager (John Coate) and our transmitter engineer. I was told the transmitters are in very good shape. The connections with our studios in Mendocino and Willits are not working well, and are going through complete software upgrades at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience to our programmers from Willits and Mendocino, and to our listeners, who have had to experience frequent drop outs of the studio connections. Our staff is standing by during all of our remote studio shows, and many of our programmers are coming to Philo to do their shows until the upgrades are completed and tested.

Thanks for your patience. Just so you know, some of us have been working 15-20 hour days to sort out technical difficulties and details. We want all of our broadcasts to run smoothly, and we have a steep learning curve to do what our long time Program Director/Music Director (Mary Aigner) and Operations Manager (Rich Culbertson) were able to accomplish on a daily basis. Mary retired after 22 years with the station, and Rich resigned after eight years of superb technical support. We have a big legacy to live up to!

Lorraine Dechter
General Manager KZYX & Z
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
(707) 895-2324

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Morning News for Monday, February 4th

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Katrina Hamilton, the 17-year-old Laytonville girl who left her home January 12 heading to Harwood Park was found, safe yesterday by family members in Oregon.

The family is very grateful for the efforts made by the community to look for her


Mendocino's efforts to fight the federal grand jury subpoena demanding medical marijuana records have already cost the county more than its $12,000,self-imposed limit and may cost more.

Sacramento attorney William Osterhaud earlier this week submitted an invoice for $12,427 from for his legal services.

The county's contract with Osterhaudt, specifies his $300 hourly rate and $225 per hour for "associate attorneys" .

The county is due in federal court in San Francisco Feb. 19 for a hearing on its motion to quash the subpoena.

 In the event that the county decides to appeal the federal court's ruling, Parker said, the Board of Supervisors would address separately the question of further legal expenses.







More than 25 county Mental Health and Public Health workers have been moved temporarily as flood damage repair and cleanup continues at the South Dora Street building that houses those services.

According to the HHSA update, about 25 employees from the South Dora Street site are temporarily housed at the Yokayo Social Services office complex at 727, 737 and 747 S. State St., and three employees are housed at a county office in Willits at 221 S. Lenore St.

The county has so far installed two temporary modular units in the parking lot at 1120 S. Dora St., one to house the Women, Infants & Children program, and the other to house Alcohol and Other Drugs Services staff, according to the Friday update.

The flooded portion of the building is sealed off from the rest of the building as drying operations continue. Restoration will begin soon, according to the update.









The human remains discovered by a hiker January 12th have been identified as a Ft Bragg Businesswoman, Colleen Murphy, 63, who owned the Chapter and Moon restaurant on Noyo Harbor.


She had been reported as missing by one of her employees a year earlier, January 11th, 2012.

At the time of her disappearance she was noted to be despondent for various reasons;no evidence of foul play was attributed to her disappearance.

The Chief Deputy Coroner has classified Murphy's death as being a suicide as a result of a gunshot wound.




The city of Oakland told a federal magistrate Thursday that the federal government's shutdown of the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary would damage residents' health and welfare as well as the city's revenues. The US Attorney replied that the city doesn't belong in the case.

The city claims the federal government waited too long to move against Harborside, an argument also raised by the dispensary's operators. But the threshold question Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Maria-Elena James was whether Oakland has any legal rights at stake.



"Oakland is trying to protect the health and safety of its citizens and its tax revenues," Cedric Chao, a lawyer for the city, told James.

If Harborside is closed, he said, "tens of thousands of patients, they're going to go into the streets" and buy marijuana from street dealers, Chao said. "There's going to be a big health crisis."

Oakland, meanwhile, would lose much of the $1.4 million it collects in taxes each year from Harborside and three other city-licensed dispensaries.

The magistrate did not issue a ruling and gave little indication of her own views.




A Mendocino County Superior Court jury Thursday found Glenn Hughes of Fort Bragg guilty of second degree murder in the 2011 beating death of a friend while both were staying in a coast campground.


With three prior felony convictions, Hughes faces a maximum sentence of 19 years to life in state prison. 


Superior Court Judge Ann Moorman scheduled sentencing of Hughes for March 1. 




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MCPB Board of Directors Elections

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting is holding elections for its Board of Directors. If you were a KZYX member in good standing by December 31st, you will soon be receiving a ballot for the election of the board's open seats. (All of our programmers will also receive a ballot for the Programmer-Elected seat)

Your  ballot must be returned by mail in the envelope provided. Do NOT send your ballot to the station! If you do, it will not be counted. We must receive your ballot by March 31st.

To find out about the candidates, tune in to the on-air candidates forum on Thurs., March 3rd at 7pm.

If you haven't received your ballot by March 1st, please let us know by sending an email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by calling the station at (707) 895-2324.

The candidates are as follows:


John Azarro

John Sakowicz

Charlie Hochberg

Richard Louis Miller

Jeff Wright


Stuart Campbell

Robert Vaughan

Johanna Wildoak


Jonathon Middlebrook


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