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The Problem Was a Power Supply

We were off the air for a few hours Thursday morning because a power supply failed up at the 90.7 transmitter.  We set up a workaround until we replace the part.  Thanks for your understanding.

Follow this link to listen to the audio archive of the Candidates Forum which aired Thursday March 5.

Listen and also read the candidates statements (listed in the column on the right of this page) and mail your ballots so they are received by March 31.

Morning News for Friday, January 18th

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This morning at 10 am,  James Gore, assistant chief of The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in California and the Gold Ridge and Sotoyome Resource Conservation Districts along with a number of local agencies, nonprofit groups, agribusinesses and landowners will make an announcement to improve fish and salmon habitat in five northern California watersheds.

Actions are being announced that will empower government and private partners to increase salmonid populations while also sustaining productive agricultural operations.  California is one of three western states included in the announcement.




At a sparsely attended meeting at its headquarters, Mendocino Redwood Company's President and chief Forester, Mike Jani, announced that the public comment period on their 80 year Habitat Plan has been extended 60 days to April 1st.





The Clearlake Oaks man who escaped from a minimum security jail Sunday is back in custody.

David Brown was arrested about 11:10 p.m. Wednesday .

On Wednesday night, Lake Sheriff’s Deputies provided information as to where David Brown might be hiding to  Officers with the Clearlake PD.

At approximately 11:00 pm, deputies and three Clearlake Police Department Officers responded to a residence in the 4000 block of West 40th in the city of Clearlake where Brown was arrested without incident.

Prior to his escape, Brown was slated for release this December.


According to the Willits News, the legal wrangling between Brooktrails and Willits has cost local taxpayers more than $651,000. Since the trial in Sonoma County has yet to be scheduled, the costs to taxpayers will continue to mount.

To date the lawsuit has cost Willits taxpayers $373,041, of which Attorney's fees comprise $327,386 .

In Brooktrails the cost to date is $278,388. Attorney's fees comprise $165,463 plus $43,934 in accounting costs and $32,187 in engineering costs.

Brooktrails filed its lawsuit against Willits over Willits sewer plant in 2010. Brooktrails and Willits have had a contractual relationship for sewage handling since 1967. 

Since 1975 the agreement has provided Brooktrails with the "right to review, make suggestions and approve for their adequacy, plans, specifications and cost estimates prior to their approval by the city council."

Brooktrails contends, that during the design and construction of the $25 million sewer plant, the city failed to comply with this and other provisions of the contract.

These actions, according to Brooktrails, will result in unnecessarily high sewage rates for its customers.Willits contends that it followed the terms of the contract.









Stay tuned for Consider This @ 9:00 AM

Join Stuart Campbell and his guestsSamuel Arbesman is an applied mathematician and network scientist and a fellow at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University.  Also, Patrick McCray, professor of History at US Santa Barbara California and co-founder of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society


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The 2015 MCPB Board of Directors Election

It's Board election season at KZYX.  Follow this link to the Election Page.  Here are the candidates for this election.  Each name links to the candidate's statement:

District 5:

Clay Eubank

Dennis O'Brien


Ed Keller

Doug McKenty

District 2:

Benj Thomas

Tony Novelli (Tony has withdrawn from the race.  He has a new statement explaining.)


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