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Breaking News: Napa Earthquake; Lodge Lightning Complex Fire

Sunday morning earthquake (Updated at 7:20am Tuesday August 26): According to the USGS, an earthquake and several aftershocks were recorded this morning. The original quake at 3:20am Sunday morning was measured at 6.0 and was centered near American Canyon. Three aftershocks were recorded near Napa: at 5:01am (2.5), at 5:47am (3.6), and 7:22am (2.5); two more near American Canyon at 7:54am (2.8), and 10:38am (2.6).

KQED reports the following information:
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake epicentered at the southern edge of Napa struck at Sunday morning at 3:20 a.m.
• The quake is the strongest to strike the Bay Area since the 6.9 Loma Prieta quake of Oct. 17, 1989.
• Napa’s Queen of the Valley Hospital reports treating 208 people between the time the earthquake struck at 3:20 a.m. and 11 p.m. Sunday. The hospital says a total of 17 people were admitted, most in fair to serious condition. One person remains in critical condition. Vallejo is reporting 25 minor injuries.
• The city of Napa has reported 33 buildings have been deemed unsafe. Officials in Vallejo have closed a two-block stretch of one of the city’s principal streets because of concerns that a church bell tower could collapse, and Napa’s school district announced that schools will remain closed Tuesday and possibly beyond. KQED’s Craig Miller reports that Vallejo’s First Baptist Church, at the corner of Carolina Street and Sonoma Boulevard, has been red-tagged. Among the church’s structural concerns: that the bell tower has been weakened to the point where it might collapse. This fear has prompted officials to close Sonoma Boulevard, which is also Highway 29, for two blocks on either side of the church. The closure also affects Lincoln Elementary School, immediately across the street from First Baptist.
• Napa officials updated the number of buildings red-tagged there to 64. Among the buildings shut down is the city’s historic courthouse building, and county officials announced today that the building will be closed indefinitely as it undergoes structural analysis. Several other major public buildings, including the Napa County Administration Building, were closed Monday.
• The Napa Valley Unified School District announced schools across the city will remain closed Tuesday as staff cleans up after the quake. The district will make a decision Tuesday about whether the closure will be extended.
• The Napa Fire Department reported Monday it responded to 50 fires after the quake, including one in a mobile home park that destroyed four units and damaged several others. Fire officials said an initial lack of water due to water-main breaks led to some of the destruction.
• Napa’s water system is undergoing repairs after suffering 60 water-main breaks. Officials say that some residents will lose water service during repairs and are advising affected residents to use boiled or bottled water until further notice.

Additional detailed information can be found at KQED's website: KQED reports.

Lodge Fire: The fire status has not been updated by Cal Fire since Wednesday evening. It appears that there will be no additional updates until/unless there is a significant change in the status. KZYX will monitor Cal Fire and other fire, police, and safety sources and advise if needed. At last report the fire had consumed 12,535 acres and was 96% contained.

Morning News for Friday, December 28th

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced — amid criticism from consumer groups — a draft environmental assessment indicating that genetically modified Atlantic salmon would not have a significant impact on the U.S. environment.

The announcement, which has come under strong criticism from Consumers Union, is related to an application for approval of AquAdvantage salmon to be produced by AquaBounty, Technologies, Maynard, Mass. The salmon would be farmed in Panama.

The FDA announced it will receive comments from the public on the subject for 60 days. Agency spokesperson Siobhan DeLancey made it clear that the FDA action does not encompass genetically engineered salmon in general.

Meanwhile, Consumers Union, Yonkers, N.Y.-based advocacy and policy arm of Consumer Reports, criticized the FDA’s announced environmental assessment as flawed and inadequate.

“There are unanswered questions about the Panama fish,” Michael Hansen, Consumer Union’s senior scientist, told SN. “Testing was done on Prince Edward Island, Canada, but the actual salmon are expected to be raised in Panama. Conditions differ.”

See the linkon the KZYX newsblog to read more:




23 yo Kimberly Hazelwood, of Nice continues to be missing since Sunday night, despite ground and air searches.

Hazelwood is 5 feet 3, 160 pounds, with long brown hair to the middle of her back and brown eyes. She has been fighting cancer for some time and her family said she is in need of medical care.

Hazelwood was last seen by family members Sunday at which time she was described as being emotionally distraught.

Family members had found some of her clothing and personal belongings while searching for her nearby.

Based on a mapping of the creek, the chronology of the reports and the fact that no second person has so far been reported missing, it appears that both reports we aired Wednesday involved Hazelwood.

The family asks that anyone who has information call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at  707-263-2690, or her family at  707-245-2772.

A potential new Mendocino County courthouse in Ukiah is still alive after four other projects were put on hold indefinitely by a state judicial group this month.

Courthouses planned for Sacramento, Fresno, Nevada City and Los Angeles were put on hold . 

After the Judicial Council meets in January, Ukiah hopes to proceed with the site acquisition  before June 30, 2013 if they have enough money. Two potential sites were identified , one a collection of parcels that includes the Ukiah Library on Main Street, and the second,  preferred site, is near the Ukiah railroad depot on East Perkins Street.




Starting Tuesday, California joins the states that allow people to make and sell food from their homes.

Among other rules, Assemblyman Gatto's Homemade Food Act requires cottage food producers to take a food safety course and create proper ingredient labels, imposes a small fee for a permit, and limits the amount of money producers can make. Gatto says, "What we're trying to do it strike the right balance between getting rid of 90% or 95% of the really onerous nonsensical regulations but still having a county inspector poke in every once in a great while and saying, you know, is this kitchen sanitary?"

Gatto says he was shocked by how hard it was to get the act passed. It was amended 35 times. 



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