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Friday Evening News for October 26th

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Nearly 100 people dropped in on the CalTrans Willits Bypass open house this week. There was no organized presentation, and it was unclear to many what the purpose of the meeting was.

The pending lawsuit against CalTrans over the bypass has had some effect on the initial phases of the project. Plans for a "groundbreaking ceremony" have been shelved pending the outcome of the current request before a federal judge requesting an injunction to stop the cutting of trees along the project route.

Project personnel remained vague to questions about when the tree cutting would actually begin, apparently in deference to the pending litigation.






A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to poison predatory birds that are harming the snowy plover population on Clam Beach in Humboldt County has been put on hold by the Board of Supervisors who asked the Service to hold public outreach meetings on the issue first.

In an effort to protect the Pacific Coast western snowy plover -- a small shorebird that was listed as a threatened species in 1993 -- the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to use an avicide called DRC-1339 to kill off predatory ravens and crows to help increase the local snowy plover population.

Ravens, and to a lesser extent crows, are a main reason why the reproductive success of plovers in this area is poor compared to other places. Local snowy plovers would continue to extinction if it weren't for the immigration of other snowy plovers from Oregon.






A CHP officer shot and killed a Southern California man who apparently assaulted her during a traffic stop near Lower Lake Wednesday afternoon. 

The officer was outside her vehicle, calling in information about the vehicle parked in a turnout on Highway 29 when the man approached and “started choking her.” They fell to the ground and struggled as the man tried to grab the officer’s gun. She apparently beat her attacker to the draw, firing one shot into the man’s chest. 

The mortally wounded assailant got back into his car, drove about 30 or 40 yards before the car veered off the road, through a fence and into a vineyard where he was found dead. 

The car had been reported stolen in Anaheim. The dead man had a criminal record that includes arrests for violence on peace officers, sexual assaults and drug offenses.

Witnesses confirmed her version of events. 




California Water Service Co. representatives faced  unhappy and  angry Lucerne residents at a meeting last week on the company’s proposal to raise water rates 77 percent over three years.

More than 30 people attended the meeting, where ratepayers complained about struggling to pay their water bills after several large increases in the decade Cal Water has run the system.

Community members at the Wednesday night meeting were told that it will take the CPUC about 18 months to make a final decision, and to expect a decision in January 2014.


The Mendocino Council of Gov'ts (MCOG) is unveiling five alternative proposals for Vision Mendocino 2030a regional Blueprint Plan to guide sustainable change in Mendocino County over the next 20 years.   

MCOG is now hosting a series of community workshops to receive feedback from the community and identify the preferred future growth scenario. 


They are asking the public to come to one of the seven workshops to help identify the best growth scenario for your community.


For more information about the Vision Mendocino 2030 project, please call MCOG at 707-463-1859. 

A full list of the times and locations will be on the KZYX newsblog tomorrow morning.





Saturday, November 3rd, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Mendocino County Veterans Memorial Building, 293 Seminary Ave., Ukiah 



Saturday, November 3rd, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Willits Senior Center, 1501 Baechtel Road, Willits 


Fort Bragg 

Wednesday, November 7th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

City of Fort Bragg Town Hall, 363 N. Main St., Fort Bragg 



Tuesday, November 13th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Lions Fire Hall, 44920 Willits Avenue, Laytonville 



Wednesday, November 14th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Round Valley Library Community Room, 23925 Howard St., Covelo 


Point Arena

Thursday, November 15th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Point Arena City Hall, 451 School St. / 24000 Hwy. 1, Point Arena 



Tuesday, November 27th, 5:30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Anderson Valley Fire Department & Community Service District, 14281 Hwy, 128, Boonville


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MCPB Board of Directors

Welcome our new board members and thank our outgoing board members at the Annual Meeting of the Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Board of Directors

Point Noyo (previously The Cliff House)

1011 S Main Street 

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Monday, May 2nd, 2016 6:00 pm

(No Host Bar/Food available for purchase)

New board members John Azzaro (At large); Jonathan Middlebrook (1st District); and Stuart Campbell (Programmer Elect) 

Outgoing board members are Bob Page and John Sakowicz

Here are the minutes from the last meeting, as yet unapproved.



MARCH 7, 2016





Present: Meg Courtney, Lorraine Dechter, Jane Futcher, Jenness Hartley, Ed Keller, Benj Thomas, John Sakowicz

Absent: Clay Eubank





—GROUND RULES: Meg appointed Jenness to be the Meeting Facilitator

—THANK YOUS: Meg expressed thanks to Lorraine Dechter, the new GM: Jane Futcher, elections coordinator and election ballot workers and stampers, including Jenness, Ed, Bob and several others. Ed Keller was thanked for building a covered area outside where staff can sit.

—FUNDRAISING: Meg mentioned some of the fundraisers coming up, including Amy Goodman in Willits, April 16; a Willits house party April 23; a Mother’s Day fundraiser with Starchild chocolate; a Church of the Boogie Woogie party with a Boogie Woogie diva in June. She thanked Catherine Keegan and Tim Bray for taking on many fundraising events for KZYX and for requiring board and staff do very little.



Jane Futcher reported that board election was proceeding and the on-air forum went well.

John Sakowicz welcomed Lorraine and expressed hope that KZYX will collaborate with low-power channels like KMEC, also using digital platforms and many new technologies that expand the station’s reach and can be the source of potential revenues.



—Elections Report by Jane not needed because of above check-in

—No Finance Committee report due to Clay’s absence


PRESENTATION OF MENDOCINO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS’ COMMENDATION TO MARY AIGNER BY TOM WOODHOUSE: Tom Woodhouse read an eloquently worded recognition of Mary Aigner’s 22 years of service as a staff member of KZYX. (See Attached)



Ellen summarized the results of a CAB public meeting in Elk in February. She chose an area that the station does not always reach out to but was disappointed with the turnout despite the fact that the meeting was well publicized. About 10 people attended. She said transparency of the board and station was a big issue and there were requests for:
1. On-air CAB meetings

2. On-air Board meetings

3. On-air discussions with board representatives

4. The board should stop using a closed board list serve and confidential meetings

5. Simple living membership of $25 should be announced on the air

6. Controversy comes from exclusion — Someone said that when the Mendocino School Board adopted a more open stance their meetings became less contentious and shorter.


Ellen reported many comments about the board’s conduct, including:

—Board should state what its rules are and follow the process

—Board should not let a few people make all the decisions

—Board should make transparency a priority

—Board needs to follow through as new board members replace outgoing members.

—Board should be more responsive.

Several of those attending want access to the membership list with an opt-out clause for folks who don’t want to be contacted.

Other suggestions:

—Hire a volunteer coordinator

—contact nonmembers through public meetings

—Restore safe harbor

—State what happened with Ukiah studio funds

—Start a program council that had decision-making power

—Pay attention to the South Coast so people in Gualala can tune in.

—Encourage more participation by young people

—Define and follow the process for choosing programmers

—Institute a grievance procedure for former programmers

—Form Ad Hoc committees of members for pursuing specific issues

—Take seriously the decline in membership

—Encourage and support local programmers


BREAKS: During the meeting, possibly during Ellen’s presentation, a reporter covering the meeting and a candidate for the board interrupted frequently and claimed the board president was not following clear procedures. The facilitator called short break to establish calm.




Lorraine did not submit a written report. She introduced Jerry Fraley, the interim Operations Manager, who was not present, and Raoul Van Haul, who introduced himself and his long experience in broadcasting, particularly in Portland, Oregon. Lorraine announced new Native American programming, a five-minute syndicated segment for which she has not yet found the perfect time slot. She said our expenses for the month of January were triple what was budgeted because it was costly covering the vacant program manager and ops manager positions.


Jeff Wright: Thanked Lorraine for unraveling the “trainwreck she was left with.” Said the satellites studios are working better and he asked that the “safe harbor” from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. be restored. He encouraged KZYZ to participate in joint events with KMUD and promote the Seven Rivers Network.

Sheila Dawn Tracy: Said members should be able to communicate with each other; wants safe harbor restore; would like a written GM report; feels new KZYX newsletter should have gone in the silent drive letter.

Sarah: Requested results of fundraisers and pledge drives be published on the KZYX Web site and promoted on the Web site in advance

Fran Koliner: Welcomed Lorraine

Ellen Saxe: Gave out her email address so others can receive summary of CAB meeting

Lyn Dee Johnson: Wants each board member to have a sign with their names so people know who they are; said this was an “emotional transition” that is hard on listeners, too, as they hear new voices on the air, etc. She, or someone else, remarked that the FCC investigation of KZXY led to a decision by the staff to end safe harbor because of concerns the station might lose its license if the FCC heard bad language on the air.


The meeting ended at 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jane Futcher, Board VP


Adendum: Mendocino Board of Supervisors’ letter of Commendation to Mary Aigner. Signed by Tom Woodhouse and Dan Gjerde, delivered at the meeting March 7, 2016


Mary Aigner tirelessly served Mendocino County for 22 years through her work at KZYX. During her tenure as program director, she exhibited an unflagging dedication to community radio in general and Mendocino County Public Broadcasting in particular. The station was more than a job to her, it was a career and a passion, often placed before her own personal life. 


Mary exhibited dedication to the listening community by

—Cultivating familiarity with the various communities of the region, and the issues

confronting each of them. She often helped to arrange discussions of those issues on the stations public affairs programs and newscasts’’

—Maintaining steadfast awareness, and unwaveringly correct instincts about the preferences

of the public radio listening community, and representing them in any meeting,

conversation, or decision in which she was involved. “How will it benefit the listeners?”

was the perspective she always brought to the table.

 —Facing recurring challenges from small segments of the community about programming,

remaining firmly rooted in her convictions and professional expertise about how to serve

the majority of listeners and how to make KZYX the best possible community station. 

  —Being willing to engage in conversation with any listener, and personally respond to their

questions and concerns


Mary exhibited dedication to the station by:

 —Understanding and being able to operate and manage all the stations equipment, and

keeping herself abreast of the evolving technology

—Being available 24/7 to handle last-minute changes, trouble-shoot technical difficulties and support other staff members in their efforts to seek resolution

 —Being available to facilitate special programming – coming in on weekends and evenings to update the stations automated broadcast system

 —Helping produce live remote broadcasts, and fundraising events

 —Remaining ever mindful of the regulations which govern public radio stations


Mary exhibited dedication to the stations volunteer programmers by:

—Training, guiding, and assisting on-air volunteers, whatever their level of skill or experience

 —Helping find substitute hosts for absent programmers, often filling in herself on short notice

—Always being available to programmers, even on weekends or when out of town, to instruct,

support, and trouble-shoot unexpected on-air difficulties

 —Actively interfacing with record companies, and content providers, to keep the flow of new

music and programming coming to the station

 —Alerting programmers to new music or events which might be of interest to their audience

 —Facilitating interview opportunities for programmers with performers and public figures

Tom Woodhouse & Dan Gjerde

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