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Information & News from the KZYX General Manager

I will be posting news and information here about any changes occurring at the station. As you are probably aware, staff member Mary Aigner is retiring after 22 years with KZYX. She will still be producing the show DEAD AIR on Thursday nights. She has provided incredible service to the station for many years, in many different positions, including her current job as Program Director, and her previous jobs as Interim Station Manager, Membership Coordinator and Underwriting Sales Director.

Angela DeWitt has been named our new Interim Program Manager. The staff is working together to create a new job description for the Program Director, and when that is done (and budget permits) we will post the job widely and have an open hiring process.

Stay tuned more news and information soon!

Lorraine Dechter
General Manager KZYX & Z
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
(707) 895-2324

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ALMA LATINA Playlist Brazil Independence Day September 7th

Posted by Alma Latina
Alma Latina
Alma Latina airs every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm and is hosted by Lorena Calvo-Evans or Aline Jalfim.
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on Friday, 06 September 2013 in Uncategorized

Stay tune, Just Loved to make this show!

Alma Latina (Music) with Aline 09/07/2013 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:00PM-03:03PM (3:00) Kleiton e Kledir “deu pra ti” from kleiton e kledir (2011) on Biscoito Fino

03:03PM-03:05PM (2:09) Renato Borguetti “milonga para as missoes” from Clássicos Da Música Caipira - Vol. 2 (2005) on Atração Fonográfica

03:05PM-03:08PM (3:00) Adriana Calcanhoto “mentiras” from perfil on Unknown

03:08PM-03:11PM (3:00) Elis Regina “O Bebado e o Equilibrista” from Latin Essentials, Vol. 3: Elis Regina (1979) on WM Brazil

03:11PM-03:14PM (3:24) Bezerra da Silva “Eu Sou Favela” from O Partido-alto do Samba (2004) on RCA Records Label

03:14PM-03:17PM (3:24) Cartola “Corra e Olhe o Ceu” from Raizes do Samba (1999) on EMI Brazil

03:17PM-03:20PM (3:00) Chico Buarque “vai passar” from chico buarque on Universal

03:20PM-03:24PM (3:40) Seu Jorge “Pequenês e Pitbull” from Moro No Brasil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2006) on Editions Milan Music

03:24PM-03:27PM (3:00) Paulo Moura “rosa” from pixinguinha on Unknown

03:27PM-03:30PM (3:00) Tom Jobim “so tinha de ser com voce” from caymmi visita tom on Unknown

03:30PM-03:32PM (2:19) CéU “Bobagem” from CéU (2005) on Six Degrees

03:32PM-03:36PM (3:51) Rappa “ile aye” from rapa mundi on Unknown

03:36PM-03:41PM (4:18) Legião Urbana “Indios” from As Quatro Estações - Ao Vivo (2004) on EMI Brazil

03:41PM-03:44PM (3:51) Raul Seixa “Metamorfose ambulante” from Che Guevara Lucha Par la Vida (2004) on Milan Music

03:44PM-03:47PM (2:47) Marisa Monte “o que se quer” from o que voce quer on Unknown

03:47PM-03:50PM (3:12) Dominguinhos “Eu so Quero um Xodo” from Nas Costas Do Brasil (1999) on Velas

03:50PM-03:54PM (3:35) Trio Nordestino “Chinelo de Rosinha / Chap Chap” from Nós Tudo Junto (1999) on Nikita Music

03:54PM-03:56PM (2:16) Caetano Veloso “Odara” from lo mejor de caetano on Unknown

03:56PM-04:03PM (7:00) Mestre Acordeon “Avisa Meu Mano” from Joga Capoeira Ê (2003) on Panda Digital

04:03PM-04:08PM (4:31) Carlinhos Brown “o bode” from alfagamabetizado on Unknown

04:08PM-04:11PM (3:40) Timbalada “Som Dos Tribais” from Axé Bahia (2005) on Universal

04:11PM-04:16PM (5:00) Otto “low” from samba para burro on Unknown

04:16PM-04:21PM (4:33) Chico Science & Nação Zumbi “Maracatu Atômico (Atomic Version)” from Copa das Confederações Brasil (Nacional) (2013) onBest

04:21PM-04:25PM (3:56) Chico César “Pensar em Você” from Mama Mundi (2008) on MZA Music

04:25PM-04:28PM (3:00) Geraldo Azevedo “Letras Negras” from For All Para Todos (1982) on Universal Music International Ltda.

04:28PM-04:32PM (3:54) Alceu Valenca “morena tropicana” from cavalo de pau on Unknown

04:32PM-04:35PM (3:00) Zeca Baleiro “mamae” from Baladas do Asfalto e Outros Blue (Ao Vivo) (2008) on MZA Music

04:35PM-04:39PM (4:05) Lenine “Jack Soul Braseleiro” from Live Brazil on Unknown

04:39PM-04:44PM (4:43) Zé Ramalho & Elba Ramalho “Chão de giz (Ao vivo)” from Seleção Essencial - Grandes Sucessos - O Grande Encontro (Ao Vivo) (2010) on Best

04:44PM-04:48PM (4:43) Gilberto Gil “Vamos Fugir” from Raça Humana (2002) on Unknown

04:48PM-04:52PM (3:25) Tribo De Jah “Abandonados Pelo Sistema (Babylon System)” from Essencial (2001) on Universal Music International Ltda.

04:52PM-04:55PM (2:57) Maria Bethânia “Esse Cara” from 20 Grandes Sucessos de Maria Bethânia (1998) on Mercury

04:55PM-04:58PM (3:10) Carlinhos Cor Das Cores “tempo interno” from Putumayo Presents Brazilian Beat on Unknown

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Alma Latina airs every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm and is hosted by Lorena Calvo-Evans or Aline Jalfim.

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