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KZYX Community Advisory Board Meeting, Thursday 12/19/2013


KZYX Community Advisory Board Meeting, Thursday 12/19/2013

Held at the Anderson Valley High School Career Center

Members present: Ellen Saxe, Steve Fish, Alexander Kramer, Jenness Hartley, Robert Bushansky Mary McClanahan-Calvert

Meeting Called to order @ 7:05

1.      Nominated Self (Jenness Hartley) to position of Secretary.  After the minutes  have been reviewed and possibly changed by members of the board minutes would them be posted on the KZYX website.

2.      Ellen states that each member of the public has 5 minutes to speak after the CAB had gone through their agenda.


A.     Frequency of meetings:  Stuart Campbell (acting as a representative of the board of directors) stated that when the CAB is doing business the meeting should be public.  Steve Fish read charter and Stewart stated that the CAB can have multiple planning meetings and at least 1 public meeting annually.

B.     Previous Cab research: Steve Fish presented a report about previous CAB research.  From 2001-3 KZYX hired a commercial research company.  Steve found the paperwork inconclusive and outdated.  Steve suggested that the CAB put out a short questionnaire of 3-5 questions.  Stuart proposed the questionnaire go out with the board of directors election ballots.

C.     Possibility of a CAB survey: Ellen and Bob support making a short and simple survey.  Bob suggests 5-7 questions that are on the back of the KZYX ballot.  Steve suggested that there be a survey asked during pledge drive at no extra cost.

D.     New Business: Ideas for the New Year.

Bob – suggested program vetting and management of program staff.

Mary – suggested outreach like the farmer’s market to engage the public.

Jenness- CAB could host an event that would attract members of the public who do not usually go to KZYX meetings.

The CAB heard members of the public for 5 minutes each.

Speaker Sheila Dawn Tracy, reporter:  Speaker wanted the CAB to look at the history of the board of directors and the lack of community input.  Suggested an open lines type of CAB meeting.  She is also concerned about the consistency of the Board and continuity of the board agenda.  Concerned that program guidelines not being distributed, the board not easily contactable, and the board not taking formal votes.  She feels that the board should vote on more that the station budget and she is concerned about transparency.  For programming she feels that the local news is the most important part of the station and feels that membership is down because the news segment is not of acceptable quality. 

Speaker Jeff Wright:  Wants more than one CAB meeting per year.  Concerned that there is not enough transparency at the station, and that the lack of transparency = fewer members.  KZYX is a station of the people and what happened to Doug McKenty makes Jeff not want to pledge.  For programming he wants less NPR and more open lines.  He feels that the station is not of the community and that the news programming has gone downhill and having an outsider from Utah doing the news is a concern.  For station communication and surveys he prefers USPS over the internet and wants to make sure that members can opt out of using computers when communicating with the station.  For CAB questionnaires he thinks that there might be a by-law issue if the questionnaire is printed on the back of the ballot.  He also wants the CAB correspondence for meetings that are not public.

Speaker Ronnie Karish: He referenced an email from programmer Diane Hering about how nonmembers are important and that the station should try outreach/advertising for the station.  Wants the CAB to look into this.

Speaker Diane Paget: Speaker did two surveys for KZYX and would be happy to help the group.  She is concerned about the cost of surveys but feels that a whole sheet of paper should be used for the questionnaire because people have a lot to say.  She also wanted to congratulate the station on its great programming; for the first 10 years of the station she felt that the station had more involved and better programming and recently the quality of the local programming has gone downhill.  She feels that local programming feels pre-produced and wants the station to have more outreach for local talent.  Lastly, when she did surveys for the station the surveys indicated that local news was what listeners wanted the most.  She suggested that the station do a separate pledge drive to pay for local news.

Speaker Sue Baker: Stated that she agrees with Diane Paget about the importance of local news.  She loves that station but wants more news and is now pledging to KMUD because of it.  Suggested more outreach for talent and suggested that the CAB meet as an on-air call in show.  She stated that the CAB should conduct outreach for talent.

Speaker Tom Melcher: Speaker has questions about the function of the CAB as the interface between the community and the board of directors.  Stated that he wants the CAB to be useful.

Speaker Margaret Fish: Stated that she appreciates that what KZYX does with such a small budget and that she and Steve want a conservative voice to be heard on the station.

Speaker Diane Paget:  Stated that she wanted no internet correspondence.

Speaker Stuart Campbell: Volunteered that the he would act as the CAB’s representative at the board of director’s meetings.


CAB Discussed the content of the public comment and set an agenda for the next meeting

Bob: Called CAB back to order.

Mary: wanted to look into local news issue and #’s on expense and interest in local news; wants survey question about how important and what kind of local news desired. Wants 5-10 questions for the survey to be discussed at the next CAB meeting, also wants to set a deadline.  Requests that the board of directors go on an open lines type meeting format.

Bob: expressed interest with CAB open line show and will look into logistics.  Wants to look into previous surveys.

Stuart Campbell: Will propose a board vote on a CAB open lines type meeting. The ballot mailing will go out on 2/15 and returned by 3/30.

Mary: Bob: would like the board to do a podcast/broadcast of meeting or an on air format.

Mary and Bob: state that the CAB minutes will go on KZYX website.

Jenness: wants to look into getting new station members and outreach to non-members.

Ellen: wants questionnaire to be specific. i.e. ‘the length of local news should be _minutes.’

Next Meeting: Jenness will send minutes in 2 weeks.  The CAB will email each other survey questions by the end of January.  Next CAB meeting will meet at least 2 weeks after 3/30 (once board elections are closed).  For the CAB president the CAB agrees to rotate the chair.  Ellen will be the chair for the next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

KZYX Phone Numbers

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Willits studio 707-456-9991

Mendocino studio 707-937-5103

KZYX Underwriting

KZYX doesn’t play commercials but we do have underwriting, which is very different from advertising. It is a great way to support KZYX and in exchange we will let our listeners know what goods and services your organization offers.

For questions about underwriting on KZYX, call (707) 895-2324 or email uw [at] kzyx [dot] org

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