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MCPB 2015 Diversity Statement

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting (MCPB) and KZYX/KZYZ FM seek to reflect the diversity of its broadcast area in its personnel and its broadcast content.  For this purpose we define diversity to include race, gender, age and sexual orientation.  In addition, MCPB seeks geographic diversity by representing all parts of the County.  It is the goal of MCPB for its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and programming to attain as much of this diversity as possible while continuing to deliver quality service to the community.

According to the 2010 Census, Mendocino County is 67% white, 23.5% Latino, 1% African-American, 6.3% American Indian, 2% Asian and .2% Pacific Island.  Gender diversity is 50.1% female.  Age diversity is 18.2% over 65 and 21.7% under 18.

MCPB has a paid staff (fulltime, part time and paid contractor) of ten people.  Nine are Caucasian, one is Asian.  Four are male and six are female.

The MCPB Board of Directors is all Caucasian.  Of its seven current members (two vacancies), five are male and two are female.  The MCPB Board of Directors is entirely self-nominated and then elected by the membership.  The diversity of the Board cannot be controlled by the organization.  However, the Board does reflect geographic diversity in that five of its members must come from each of the five County Supervisorial Districts.

KZYX/KZYZ has 69 active volunteer programmers at the time of this writing.  Of that 69, 21 are seniors, 33 are women, 5 are Latino, 1 is Asian, 1 is Pacific Islander and 1 is African-American.

KZYX actively seeks and produces broadcast programming that expresses local diversity.

We have one popular Spanish Language music program called "Alma Latina" every Saturday.

Every Monday night we have a program called "Women's Voices."

We air a monthly program produced in our studios by and for high school students called "Youth Speaks Out."

Alternate Thursdays we have a program for the gay community titled "Pride Radio Mendocino."

"Mind, Body and Health" frequently presents important health and medical information geared to the large and growing senior population here.

MCPB works with the local high school’s summer paid intern program and usually has at least one intern every summer. 


KZYX Phone Numbers

Business office 707-895-2324

Philo studio 707-895-2448

Willits studio 707-456-9991

Mendocino studio 707-937-5103

KZYX Underwriting

KZYX doesn’t play commercials but we do have underwriting, which is very different from advertising. It is a great way to support KZYX and in exchange we will let our listeners know what goods and services your organization offers.

For questions about underwriting on KZYX, call (707) 895-2324 or email uw [at] kzyx [dot] org

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